Boxing/kickboxing updates

Apr 13, 2021

We’re announcing a new orientation and a couple of class changes regarding our boxing program.

Our next orientation class will be Sunday, April 18th at 10:00 AM. Gracie Barra Issaquah requires an orientation class for all students interested in our striking programs, regardless of previous experience. The orientation is completely free, open to the community, and requires no equipment or commitment. Please note, we cannot, at this time, accept students below the age of 13 for this program. If you plan to attend this weekend’s orientation class, please be on time or we may ask you to reschedule.

Beginning in May we will be making changes to the boxing class schedule. The current class meeting on Sundays will continue through April. The last Sunday class will happen on April 25th. To replace it, we will be adding in a Wednesday class at 11:00 AM beginning May 5th.