In-Person Training Resumes Monday!

Jan 8, 2021

Governor Inslee has announced new COVID regulations that allow us to begin training again in-person on Monday. We will be back to our previous system of reserving a spot in class via Acuity by going to the Class Schedule link on the website.

Kids Classes: Coach Jarred will continue to stream the kids’ classes via Zoom so anyone who isn’t ready or able to return in person can follow along on Zoom. Remember this is a streamed live class, as opposed to a Zoom-only class, so kids following along from home will be muted.

Adults: Drilling Class format will be optional gi or no-gi (your choice), 90 minutes of largely specific training. Noon and 6:30 class will be regular 45 minute classes with technique instruction.

We will continue to update you as changes occur and we’re allowed larger classes. As always, we are following the rules, so if the State of Washington makes a change, we will as well. We’re looking forward to seeing you next week!

Reserve your spot here: