A thank you

Mar 29, 2020

50% off a gi or a private lesson

THANK YOU to those in our GB Issaquah family financially able to maintain your memberships who have chosen to do so to make it possible for all of us to have an academy to come back to after this pandemic crisis passes. We have been humbled and blessed by your loyalty. As a thank you, we want to offer you a choice of 50% off a private lesson with either Professor Jason or Professor Bree OR 50% off a new gi. The adults could choose blue or white Atleta, while the kids could choose white, blue, or pink GBK Lite (ripstop). This offer only applies to members of Gracie Barra Issaquah who maintain memberships through April 2020.

We will continue to provide increasing opportunities for distance learning during this time, so keep watching our social media and website for more options. Thank you for your loyalty. Stay healthy. Wash your hands. #flattenthecurve #gb #gbk #gb72 #graciebarra #redshield #coronavirus #covid_19 #pandemic