bjj revolution july 18th results (if you missed em)

Jul 30, 2015

The top 3 teams were for each category are:

Youth/Juniors Gi 1st Place          Gracie Barra NW 172 Points
Youth/Juniors Gi 2nd Place         Marcelo Alonso BJJ 100 Points
Youth/Juniors Gi 3rd Place          Iron Lion JJA 76 Points

Youth/Juniors No Gi 1st Place          Gracie Barra NW 107 Points
Youth/Juniors No Gi 2nd Place         Iron Lion JJA 50 Points
Youth/Juniors No Gi 3rd Place          SBG 47 Points

Youth/Juniors Overall 1st Place         Gracie Barra NW 279 Points
Youth/Juniors Overall 2nd Place       Iron Lion JJA 126 Points
Youth/Juniors Overall 3rd Place         Lotus Club 120 Points

And for the Adults….

Adult/Master Gi 1st Place        Gracie Barra NW 166 Points
Adult/Master Gi 2nd Place       Marcelo Alonso BJJ 95 Points
Adult/Master Gi 3rd Place        Impact Jiu Jitsu 48 Points

Adult/Master No Gi 1st Place          Gracie Barra NW 122 Points
Adult/Master No Gi 2nd Place         Impact Jiu Jitsu 37 Points
Adult/Master No Gi 3rd Place          Marcelo Alonso BJJ 33 Points (2 1st places and 3 2nd places)
*Adult/Master No Gi 4th Place        Lotus Club 33 Points (2 1st places and 2 2nd places)

Adult/Master Overall 1st Place          Gracie Barra NW 288 Points
Adult/Master Overall 2nd Place        Marcelo Alonso BJJ 128 Points
Adult/Master Overall 3rd Place          Impact Jiu Jitsu 85 Points